No matter how technical CB radios become there will always be a big market for the straight 40 channel rig with just enough good features to keep the mobile operator on the air and the Cobra CB 29 LX fits nicely into this bracket. With a display that changes to suit your vehicles dashboard and a massive 9 foot microphone lead fitted will this CB nudge Cobra ahead of Uniden in the fight for your hard earned cash.

The Display

Cobra seem to be taking a bit more care with the way their new radios are looking especially when it comes to the control panel. The 29 LX’s display color can be changed to any of four colors themes much like the Uniden 980 and also has a dimmer to stop a bright display interfering with vision when driving at night.

We think Cobra have done a good job with making the display look more like part of the control panel and not some afterthought that all the buttons and knobs have to work around, giving the whole front of the radio a certain flow.

Cobra CB 29 LX

Cobra CB 29 LX
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The digital frequency readout on this display is a nice touch if a little redundant on a 40 channel rig but the combined SWR/RF/SIGNAL meter is defiantly one of the best things about all the visual information that this CB provides. When you consider that the 29 LX is available online for approx $100 it just goes to show the level that lower price CB radios are at now, lets hope that things keep moving in the right direction.

  • Scan functions for the 40 CB and 10 NOAA channels
  • Changeable four color display with night time dimmer
  • Tone alert for NOAA alerts even when CB radio powered down
  • Diagnostic readout for DC voltage, RF output and SWR
  • 10 scan enabled memories to store your most used channels
  • Mic gain, RF gain and Delta tune
  • Extra long 9 foot mic cord

Fitting a long mic cable means other people in the car now have the chance to use the radio while sat down safely in the back without putting themselves in harms way by crouching between the front seats.

The Niggles

We are not the biggest fans of dual function knobs on CB’s but this may be down to our personal clumsiness and some frustrating times using the glorious Cobra 148 but at least they have been kept to a minimum on the 29 LX with the only one that gets frequent used being the volume/squelch combo knob.

We like where Cobra are going with their products at the moment managing to release nice looking radios while almost staying with the classic styling.

The full details for the Cobra 29 LX can be found at Amazon here

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