The Cobra 29 LX Camo CB Radio has been unveiled this weekend at the Great American Trucking Show, Cobra’s flagship rig has had a makeover and now sports a camouflaged case dubbed RealTree┬«Xtra.

The radio has all the features that make the plain case 29 LX such a good CB radio but with the addition of the camo decoration. Not wanting to go over old ground here is our original Cobra 29 LX review that covers all this radio has to offer.

Going on general sale in September, it looks like the camo version isn’t going to carry much of a premium over the standard models and you can find more information by visiting Amazon Here

Is Camo Here to Stay

This isn’t the first time that one of the big radio manufacturers has gone down the camouflaged route with Icom releasing a camouflaged VHF/UHF handheld two way radio in February of 2012.

Icom’s decision to put out a camo handheld was the result of a massive military order and the sales pitch was aimed at outdoor activities.

Maybe once all the dust has settled and they can judge how well this version has sold, we may see more from Icom and with all the main hobby radio producers watching each other closely, maybe others will follow their example?

Its good to see Cobra keeping the 29 LX alive by investing time and money in a new paint job as long as this doesn’t distract them from producing some nice shiny new models.

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