This blog has finally hit the 100 post mark (in fact this is post number 102).

Its taken a while but there are some very good reasons for this. Right from the beginning and even before this website was created I decided that it wouldn’t be run on any sort of timetable. There would be no tight schedule for publishing new posts as I’ve always found this can really screw with the quality of the content.

100 blog posts

You see some websites sole purpose is to get search engine rankings and the automated posting schedule they adopt shows in the way that they’ll write almost anything provided they keep to a weekly or even daily posting.

That’s not to say that this website couldn’t benefit from a strict routine of adding new posts, but then it would seem too much like any other job and take all the fun out of it. Besides trying to get and maintain any sort of steady traffic from the major search engines is starting to become a joke.

You’d never believe the volume of emails I get from ‘SEO’ firms offering to load my website with a huge number of pointless pieces of content, all in the name of rankings.

A hobby is something you do because you enjoy it and can walk away when ever your want, turning a passion into a job has never seemed like a good idea because it then becomes a requirement instead of just a pastime.


The few years its taken to create this much content is OK with me and if it takes another few to reach 200 blog posts, then so be it 🙂

So I’ll just go along at my own pace, safe in the knowledge that provided my hands still work, I can see keyboard and monitor then this (and all the other radio blogs) will always be here.

So to all you visitors who come and read this blog on a regular basis, the growing amount of people who have signed up the our email newsletter and all the followers on social media, I can only say thank you for taking an interest, because without you its all just words on a page 🙂

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