Doing a search online for other CB radio websites (when we get the time) helps us see who’s still writing about the hobby along with being a good source of inspiration for new articles.

Newer websites and blog posts are usually the first things a Google search throws up but every now and then its interesting to go past page 3 of the results and find sites that haven’t been touched in a while. There’s a lot to dig through but its worth a go just to see some of the older or abandoned CB Radio articles still floating around on the web.

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The sad fact is that a massive proportion of new websites and blogs don’t make it past the first 3 months before they’re left to gather dust. Along with the personal reasons why this happens is the misunderstanding among novice webmasters how long it takes to start getting anywhere near a meaningful amount of visitors to a new web project.

This leaves people who have a good idea and are passionate about the chosen subject feeling that its all for nothing when their creation doesn’t get immediate attention and they just walk away from it.

The Extreme CB Radio Dxing Blog

Its strange that Ive never found this website before but it was buried deep within the search results under a mountain of shopping portals.

The guy who started this blog was serious about getting outdoors with a portable CB setup. The detail and effort he went through in pursuit of that side of the hobby was amazing.

I can only hope writing for the blog was the only thing he stopped doing and he’s still out there on mountain tops with his CB radio.

Extreme CB Radio DXing Can Be Seen Here

Whats typical about this blog with so many other old abandoned sites is the free web hosting its sitting on. Costly domains and hosting have to be renewed every so often and I do wonder who many CB sites have simply disappeared once the payments stopped coming.

The Vintage Links Page

A measure of how CB radio sites rise and fall is to find a good old fashioned HTML links page that’s not been updated for a while. If your lucky it’ll point to ancient sites that are hard to find by basic searching online although you can guarantee a good amount of the links will most likely go nowhere as the websites were deleted long ago.

This is an old links page I found this morning showing big and small CB based websites that have faded away over time

If your interested how any missing sites looked when they were still available you could try using a free service like The Wayback Machine. This is a huge historical archive of old websites captured and stored for all time.

A Constant Reminder

As the first post put up on How To CB Radio was way back in Dec 2012 (just had to check), its safe to say we’re well passed the honeymoon period now and still going strong.

This does feel good but looking back on the failed CB radio websites online we can’t help but wonder will that be us in say 20 years time. Maybe technology will have changed so much there’s no place for CB radio anymore and we’re just another historical footnote in an achieve somewhere, scary thought eh?

Anyway, thinking too much does mash the grey cells sometimes so we’ll just keep adding to the website and leave the future to do its own thing 🙂

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