CB radio voice processing enhances your transmitted signal with a rich audio quality giving you an edge when trying to work DX and a sound balance that will give your whole CB radio setup a boost.

Depending on the CB radio you are using adding a voice processing unit is easy by either changing to a high performance microphone or inserting a extra piece of equipment between mic and CB, these processing boxes are designed to be powered from your existing CB power supply so no more additional equipment to buy.

CB Power Mics

The basic operation of a power mic will bring every aspect of your voice up to a normalized level and produce a rich and even modulated sound that will be passed through to your transmitted audio.

Setting up the power mic is just a matter of listening to your CB signal on another radio and adjusting the level until you are happy with the way you sound over the air.

Noise Canceling POWER Mic RD104E-4B Road Devil

Road Devil CB POWER Mic
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CB Echo Chambers

Echo chambers have been around for many years and used properly can give a real kick and unique sound to your voice, by having adjustable levels of re verb you can extend or narrow the echo sound effect that this type of processing has on your voice.

Having a good level of echo is handy when working a pile up as you are easy to identify among the users with standard mics and makes you hard to ignore.

As with any voice processing there are times when adjusting the settings to there highest level can make you very hard to understand and being able to hear the way you sound to other CB users will let you keep a check and make sure you haven’t “tweaked” your voice a little too far.

Redman CB Radio Extreme Echo Talkback Noise Toy Box

Redman CB Radio Extreme Echo Talkback Noise Toy Box
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Too Much Modulation

Even though a CB radio has limits in place to control maximum modulation you can still ruin the way you sound over the air by giving your CB a audio signal that it cannot deal with ending up with a transmitted audio that will be distorted or suffer from “clipping” where everything about a certain volume will not be transmitted.

If you don’t have another CB radio borrowing one for an hour of so is a good idea to set up any audio processing, you can listen to your voice via the talk back option but it will never sound as accurate as the audio transmitted from your CB radio.

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