Nearly all CB radios made today are of the mobile type and to use them from home you need CB radio power supplies. A basic supply will output 13.8v DC with a current of 3 Amps, this is perfect to use with a normal 4 Watt output CB radio.

If you need to run more than one radio from the power supply at the same time or are using some kind of RF amplifier to boost the power output of your setup, then a supply with a better current rating is going to be needed.

Working a little wiggle room between the amount of current a CB needs and the continuous output of the supply gives a much smother operation all round.

Here are 3 supplies with different current ratings from the basic 3 amp model to higher capacity units that deal with more demanding CB radio setups.

Pyramid PS3KX 3-Amp 12-Volt Power Supply

Pyramid PS3KX

Pyramid PS3KX 3 Amp CB Radio Power Supply
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The screw terminal connectors does away with needing any type of special cord to power the CB, strip wire ends giving the copper a twist to keep the strands together and wrap around terminals taking care to make sure make sure that the polarity is correct.

All modern power supplies are fused so if you accidentally short the positive and negative outputs together it will stop working (and not damage your radio) until the blown fuse is replaced.

Another option to connect the power is to use some plugs that fit into the power supply output terminals giving a solid connection and are quick to unplug.

Running an small audio amplifier or a radio receiver alongside a CB will need a supply with a bit more current output to allow all the pieces of equipment to run properly.

Pyramid PS8KX 6 Amp Power Supply

Pyramid PS8KX 6 Amp

Pyramid PS8KX 6 Amp CB Radio Power Supply
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With the same case as the 3 Amp model but offering an increased maximum output of 8 Amps.

Ideal for powering up a second bit of extra equipment off the same power supply as your CB radio without any loss in performance or overloading the power supply.

For a radio setup that includes a power amplifier or running a whole host of other equipment at the same time a much higher current is needed.

Pyramid PS14KX 14 Amp Power Supply

Pyramid PS14KX 14 Amp

Pyramid PS14KX 14 Amp CB Radio Power Supply
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An electronic fuse replaces the standard blow and replace on this supply, once the short circuit is removed switch unit off and back on again to restore to working order.

With a surge of 14 Amp this unit will supply power to many pieces of equipment at the same time.

Using Power Supplies and General Safety

There’s no getting around that a hard working power supply is going to generate heat and making its life easier means its going to last that much longer. Try to avoid boxing it in with other equipment, covering any vents in the casing and keep well away from household heating sources.

Even though the voltage is low there is still a significant amount of current coming from the bigger supplies on this page. Its not likely to do any damage but being mindful that its going to be painful will avoid any mishaps for you (and others).

Keep all connections tidy by fitting the right connectors and try to use wire without any joins in it at least for the higher current ratings.

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4 Responses to CB Radio Power Supplies

  1. clair says:

    Will a 12 amp psu power a 10 meter radio plus a small linear?

    • Carl says:

      Hi Clair

      A Standard FM radio will need 3 to 4 amps when running at full power (more when using sideband mode). Then you’ll need to add whatever the linear requires, what do you mean by ‘small linear’?

  2. johnnie says:

    i have a 1001z midland cb radio.i want to set this radio up in my garage.will the ps8kx-6 amp power supply work for this?

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