Propagation on 27MHz has always fascinated me because when its turned on full, it can deliver some great distance DX.

The online SDR explosion has given us the chance to remotely monitor CB frequencies from around the world and while much of the SDR feeds available are heavily based around ham radio frequencies, there’s still a bunch of decent online software defined radios that cover the 27Mhz CB bands.

SDR’s are just like any radio setup you have at home with a better antenna system making all the difference to performance. The links below are some of the more effective SDR’s I use and its great fun (at least for me) to jump between them and compare signal levels when 11m propagation is jumping.

University of Twente, Enschede, NL

Santa Rita do Sapucai, MG, Brasil

Ulvila, Finland

Friedrichshafen (Lake Constance, South Germany)


If you’ve never used SDR software programs before, take a minute to look at the interface and you’ll see many of the options are very much like a typical shortwave radio or scanner. With everything operated by mouse point and click, it doesn’t take long to get your head around how it all works 🙂

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