As a newcomer or seasoned veteran to CB radio there is no better source of information on our hobby than CB radio forums. Packed with useful information about problem solving every aspect of citizen band equipment these forums are home to some very knowledgeable and helpful people.

Some say that the internet has caused the number of active CB users to drop over the years and that may be so but the amount of information available online has also enhanced the hobby. With many websites giving details on setting up your first CB station, step by step instructions on CB modifications and reams of information on new or vintage radios the internet offers the sort of resource that is difficult to share on the air.

Over the years many forums and websites have disappeared due to lack of use but the ones who remain are a goldmine of knowledge with a loyal user base. Some forums do tend to be focused on CB in certain countries because of the different equipment and operating frequencies but members from all over the world are welcome to join (Perspectives from CB users in other countries can be great information for those wishing to work long distance).

List of CB Radio Forums

Thunderpole Forum (

A fairly active UK forum with posts going all the way back to 2006 this forum is tied into which has been selling CB equipment to the UK since 1982. The highlight of this forum for me has always been the amount of pictures CB’ers post showing their lovely radio setups.

CB Radio Forum (

Another long standing forum this time based on the American side of the hobby the CB Radio Forum is loaded with information as well as being a portal for X Force amplifiers a well known supplier of linear RF amplifiers. The general discussion threads are worth a visit at least once a week just for the amount of useful information and banter they contain.

CB Junkies Forum (

This forum is part of the CB Junkies main website and although being younger than the first two listed has racked up a lot of posts with plenty of information and is well worth a look.

As with any real world communication be polite and you will get a good response in the CB forums. Unlike the interesting folks we sometimes have to put up with on the air any bad language, spamming and generally being an idiot will get you banned very quickly in any of the forums listed above and you never have to put up with someone blasting music over the calling channel.

Hope to see you on the boards.

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