Many CB’s have their speakers located in the base and unless you have the opportunity to mount them with that speaker facing outward this can cause muffled or quiet audio.

Fitting some CB radio extension speakers can improve the audio of your radio setup especially if you are struggling to listen to those weaker signals above any engine noise.

These speakers are best located forward facing and as close to head height as possible for optimum results when used in a noisy environment.

What is Talk Back?

By fitting a speaker with a talk back feature you will never need to ask for an audio report again as you can hear yourself when talking into the mic reassuring you that you are being heard and your transmitted audio is readable.

Talk back works by taking the audio from the PA output from your set and feeding it back to you while you are transmitting and switching back to the normal listen audio mode when the mic button is released, this can be very useful for setting the level of any processing you have applied to your voice like an echo effect.

Cobra HG S500 Highgear CB Speaker

Cobra HG S500 Highgear CB Speaker with talk back
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Cobra HG S500

This speaker from a veteran supplier of CB equipment producer is able to handle 15 Watts of power and has talk back and noise cancelling functions.

The bracket swivels through 180 degrees to direct the sound just where it is needed and there is an earphone output for a second user.


Speakers without Talk Back

If you have no use for the talk back feature then you can save yourself some money by going for a standard CB extension speaker instead.

RoadPro RP 100T

RoadPro RP 100T 12 Watt Extension Speaker
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The quality of the audio out of a speaker is based on many things but a good measure of how the speaker will sound is to check its frequency response. Not enough in the low end and you will have no bass giving a very tinny sound which is the very last thing you need when trying to listen to CB transmissions.

Very cheap speakers suffer badly from a poor frequency response usually working within a very narrow section of the sound frequency spectrum and delivering terrible sound.

Although the response of a speaker is a very subjective way of looking at how good it is finding one with a range of 20Hz to 20kHz will serve you well.

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