Adding your own personal touch to a CB has always been popular and depending how handy you are with a soldering iron you can do some great things to your radio pretty cheaply. Its when you start buying after market CB accessories that the situation can get out of hand.

Lets face it new CB’s are looking better now than they’ve even been if your into modern design but for some CB’ers there’s forever going to be room for something a little extra. Keeping your head when happening upon bright add-on’s and remembering the primary function of your radio is essential.

Beware the Shiny Objects

Making something shiny is a great way to increase the novelty factor and distract the buyer from the bag of bones underneath. It’s done across countless retail markets from cheap throwaway items right up to pricy specialist kit.

Slapping a few LED’s or some fancy artwork on poor examples of CB equipment doesn’t make it any better and you should always look at whats underneath all that glitter.

Sticking with some of the older legacy brands does offer a level of certainty that your getting a quality radio unless your unlucky to bag one of the horrendous models they release now and then (even the greats get it wrong sometime). That said there is always room for a careful look at new brands as they do sometimes produce hidden gems of radios.

Function Before Design

Don’t get me wrong I appreciate a good looking bit of radio kit but for me it comes from the initial design not from how many flashy lights you can attach to it.

Saying that some of the custom jobs coming from places like Zombie Amps continue to look good, mainly because they haven’t overcooked it. Having any artistic mods done before you buy the radio will also usually mean a rig that’s been tuned for best performance.

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