Citizens Band Radio has been with us for many years now and numerous CB radio books have been written in that time, ranging from historical to operating guides and modification/repair manuals for the more technical minded of us.

We look at the CB books available right now and give them a How To CB rating.

The World of CB Radio

The world of CB radio

The world of CB radio
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The first book is an all rounded on CB radio covering many aspects including operating and improving your radio setup, installation guides to get the most out of CB, basic trouble shooting and a glossary on use of CB slang.

Even though this book was published in 1988 the well written information is still useful today, maybe not so much on the CB slang side of things but the technical information about CB’s and the section on making your own antennas is still relevant.

238 pages and available in both Kindle and paperback versions.

How To CB rating of 7/10.

Our next book stays with the general CB theme.

The Complete Book of CB Radios

complete book of cb radios

Complete Book of CB Radios
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Focusing on the setting up and operation of a CB station this 1976 book has some great detailed tips and instructions for putting together an efficient setup.

Good sections on operating procedure and some very nice pictures of what is now vintage CB equipment, from a historical point of view an interesting read.

Available in hardback.

How To CB rating of 8/10.

We have had a few books about general CB use so it only seems right to list a book on repairing them.

Understanding and Repairing CB Radios: For the Professional Technician

reparing cb radios

Repairing CB Radios
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This book does require that you have an understanding of electronics or most of it will just go over your head.

Feature packed and loaded with circuit diagrams for many CB types this 1996 book is well written with good troubleshooting guides.

One advantage of this book is due to the fact it was published when CB technology had settled down into a standard form making the information relevant to almost any CB radio model. A very useful book for the CB repair technician or if you really like circuit diagrams.

370 pages and available in paperback.

How To CB rating of 9/10.

Don’t Forget Online Resources

Even though the number of current websites about CB has dwindled in the last decade, there are still up to date ones along with some very interesting vintage sites. Add to this the various radio forums and you’ve got a good source of information to accompany any CB radio book.

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