If your serious about using a CB radio for long distance work or want to improve your signal strength in the local area then fitting an effective antenna system to your setup is essential.

Having an antenna mounted high outside so you have good clearance over other buildings around you will give maximum performance and cut back as much as possible on any interference caused by common household equipment.

Taking the time to set up a good quality antenna will require very little maintenance once it is installed and benefit you for many years to come.

Sirio StarDuster M-400 26.5 – 30Mhz Tunable Base Station Antenna

Sirio StarDuster M-400

Sirio StarDuster M-400
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Using a tried and testing design and standing at 79 inches tall the M-400 is made of tough aluminum alloy for longevity and resistance to the elements.

A wide operating frequency range of 26.5 to 30Mhz offers flexibility for the antenna to be used on both the CB and 10 Meter amateur bands.

Tuning to the frequency you wish to work is by a typical sliding rod mechanism allowing the accurate setting of S.W.R to maximize easy power transfer.

The power rating of 1000 Watts makes it ideal for ham radio use and strong enough for the CB user who likes to put more than 4 watts into their antenna.

Ease of installation and operating make this a great antenna for those who want as little fuss as possible when setting up your CB home station.


Solarcon I-MAX 2000 CB/Ham Radio Base Station Vertical Antenna – 24′

Solarcon I MAX 2000

Solarcon I MAX 2000 24 Foot
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A more straight up option is this 24 foot pole from Solarcon, coming in three easy to put together sections this antenna is a fiberglass construction giving a good gain figure in the 26 – 30 MHZ frequency range.

Easily handling 1000 watts of input and with the option to use on other HF amateur bands when used in conjunction with an antenna tuner the I-MAX gives the radio operator a lot of flexibility.

Comes with a set of U-Clamps for fitting to a pipe so you can set this 24 foot antenna up nice and high to increase the performance.

Antenna Overhaul

While your antenna is a crucial part of your radio setup the quality of the coax is also very important and fitting a new antenna is a perfect time to go over the coax and look for any damage. Checking the coax for any cuts of cracks will stop moisture getting inside and prevent rusting of the wire.

If you are going to the trouble of replacing an existing antenna and you have any doubts about the state of the coax sometimes its just easier in the long run to replace the lot and be sure that your whole antenna system is optimized.

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