Had a most welcome (and overdue) revisit to another long running CB radio website today, that was prompted by an email from its owner.

Alabama Map

Alabama Map

Heart of Dixie CB Radio Club is one of those rare CB radio resources that has thankfully stood the test of time.

The clubs site has a mountain of great information for getting yourselves on the air and links to every conceivable CB data you could ever need.

Check out the DX Mark X on the main page image carousel, its been such a long time since I’ve seen one and totally forgot how huge they are 🙂

The website does take a detour in places between the the main section and content that’s been put up on Wix, so don’t panic if thinking you’ve taken a wrong turn along the way.

Please take the time to pop over to Heart of Dixie CB Radio Club and show some love for yet another radio website keeping the Hobby alive.

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4 Responses to CB Radio Alive and Well in Alabama

  1. C. L. Woodard says:

    Ha any body using a cb in East central Alabama. Kinda started again, would like some one to talk to .I live around north Calhoun county. Is there a c b club around any more

    • Carl says:


      A lot of CB clubs have fizzled out over the years and I would suggest finding something like a USA based CB radio Facebook group where you’ll be able to see whats going on in your area and find people that you can talk to on air.

      All the best


  2. James Pelling says:

    What do all the colors represent?

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