There’s a sweet wild camping spot in South Wales that’s perfect for a CB radio field day trip. With views up in to the midlands and all the way down south its a place Ive used many times but only with smaller antennas.

Sign Post Future

Wanting to make the most of the location this time the plan is to drag along a nice big silver rod which (hopefully) is going to get mounted up a nearby tree. The antenna itself can easily be broke down into sections and its not too heavy to be strapped to my backpack but some careful judging on the coax is needed as this can get heavy in long enough lengths.

Keeping in mind that’s the camping spot is at least a 5 mile up hill walk from the jumping off point and you’ll understand why the weight of the CB gear has to be keep to a minimum, especially when piled on top of all the other stuff needed for an over night sleep on a Welsh mountain.

Fixing The Antenna

Lashing a silver rod to a tree is easy enough but getting it to stay up there all night if it gets a little windy is something different altogether. My wife and wild camping partner has already stated firmly that she isn’t doing any tree climbing whatsoever 🙂 , I would have liked to quote her exact words but couldn’t clean it up enough.

A length of thin rope tied to the top of the antenna is enough to drag it up the tree but was slightly stuck on how it was actually going to get fixed to the tree. After trying and rubbishing more than enough ideas decided that good old jubilee clips would do a great job.

jubliee clip

Going to be at least one hand short while getting the antenna sorted and provided I open up the clips before use it should be OK, its been a long time since Ive fallen out of a tree and pretty sure I don’t bounce nearly as good as in years gone by.

Carving a little flat out in the tree to slot the standard silver rod mount in should give a bit more stability once the clips are nice and tight. Will most likely have to add another clip about half way up the antenna to stop it falling sideways and spoiling all my hard work.

Other Equipment

The altitude and a small linear around 10 Watt makes all the difference when working from a spot like this but given the weight of everything already planned it might not be possible. The linear itself is light enough, its the battery to power it that’s going to be heavy.

Sticking with a SSB handheld seems the most obvious (and lighter) way to go and hope the location does the job its meant to do.

The crap weather is arriving a bit late this year meaning we could be off in the next few weeks if all goes well. We’ll get a nice bunch of photos of the setup and as much audio from the CB as possible for the site.

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