Back in the glory days CB base station radios were everywhere with many company’s producing lovely big sets that you plugged straight into the mains supply and were loaded with a host of features that many mobile sets never offered.

But over the years the number of these base station CB’s being made slowed down and more enthusiasts adapted mobile sets for use at home.

One of the few still making “big sets” is Galaxy who have produced the DX-2547 AM, SSB CB base Station.

Galaxy DX-2547

galaxy DX-2547 cb radio

Galaxy DX-2547
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A home base set has always meant a lack of clutter with the power supply and all the others necessary CB accessories built into the one box cutting down on untidy wiring, just plugging in the mains and antenna means your ready to go.

The front panel of the DX-2547 is nicely spaced out to allow easy access to all the controls with a very large channel changer knob dead center of the control panel.

Unlike most mobile sets that had the speaker mounted on the bottom of the radio and usually needed some kind of extension speaker to catch those weaker stations the Galaxy has its speaker mounted in the top lid giving a much better sound quality.

The built in SWR meter is shown on the swinging needle display along with the RF power and output Modulation, any break in the transmission line from CB to antenna will always give some loss and having a SWR meter in the box saves on this loss and takes away the hassle of dealing with another piece of equipment.

A variable RF output gives more control than a simple high/low setting common to mobile sets and anybody who wants to run a linear off the back of this radio will find that feature very useful for better control of RF power going into the amplifier.

For those wanting more channels from the DX-2547 there is enough modification information available to make successful changes and as the built in frequency counter shows a true reading it will show the exact readout of any new channels that get added to this set.

End of the line

The days of the big sets are numbered and this may be the last (or close to it) of these type of CB’s we see produced. some of the great base stations are still available for sale as used items but after a few decades of modifications I am always very careful when buying one.

The problem with paying for a secondhand set is that switching it on for a quick transmission test doesn’t always give a true indication of any performance problems until you get it home and onto an antenna system that you are familiar with.

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