Setting up a CB antenna roof mount at home will keep your antenna securely in place and give you faithful operation for many years to come and getting it right first time is going to save you lots of time on maintenance and tinkering.

CB radios antenna can be mounted on flat roofs or on the side of buildings with a flat roof mounted antenna being one of the easiest to set up and we are going to cover both types of installation detailing equipment needed and methods.

Mounting a CB Antenna on a Flat Roof

CB antenna tripod mount

CB Antenna Tripod Mount
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A full size antenna will take a good bashing from the wind especially if it has lots or radials and fixing it down properly will stop it ending up at the bottom of your garden in pieces at the first sign of heavy wind. For a long lasting and solid installation on a flat roof using a ready built tripod is properly the easiest way.

CB antennas work better when not boxed in so mount the tripod as far away from any nearby walls or buildings to give the best results, if space is a bit tight its a good idea to measure the width of your antenna so you know exactly where to place your tripod mount. Double checking the figures and getting it right first time will save you a lot of time and effort having to move the tripod after you have fixed it down.

To get over the lack of space an additional lightweight extension pole could be including between the antenna and tripod to raise the antenna giving it more clearance over nearby walls, any extra height you can give to the antenna is going to increase the overall performance of your entire CB radio setup.

Mounting a CB Antenna on the Side of your House

When fixing a CB antenna to the side of a building always judge how far the antenna needs to be above the roof of the house so that any radials will easily clear the apex of the roof, this isn’t a problem if you are dealing with a flat roof or a straight CB antenna.

To give your antenna extra height you can add another section of pipe between the mount and the base of the antenna making sure the material is lightweight and strong so as not to load the wall mount down with unnecessary weight. If the wind tends to bend the antenna and extra pole you might consider setting up a pair of stabilizing wires to make the whole setup bit more secure.

Setting up the antenna this way is a bit more problematic than doing a flat roof installation as ideally you want the antenna to start as close to the roof of the house as possible and depending on the height of the building can involve the use of some tall ladders and all the health and safety problems this brings.

Whichever way you choose to setup you antenna always double check all connections and make sure all the bolts are tight and you should enjoy many good years of use from the antenna installation.

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