Been seeing a whack of homebrew CB radio antennas on Facebook recently and it sent me off with the idea of putting some lightweight wire type twig together for my camping/radio field trips. I’ll happily spend a weekend experimenting with wire for the shortwave bands, but its been an age since I did any homebrew for CB.

As usual YouTube delivers and I found some good stuff, with a few of the more interesting ones below. Looking into making a CB antenna reminds me of those first clueless days of CB radio when I’d spend more time messing around with homebase and portable antennas than actually using the rig.

Thinking back at the lengths I’d go for better range/reception brings a smile to my face, even more so after all the years of radio knowledge accumulated since then makes me wonder how all my badly planned projects didn’t end up frying the output stage of a rig or two 🙂

Stealthy Tree CB Antenna

Put this one first because its a simple idea and just right for the type of portable antenna I’m looking for (lightweight and able to break it down easily). I like the way its a mission just to get to the base of the tree before he even starts to put the antenna together.

From Scratch, A CB Radio J-Pole Antenna

OK, this one is a little in depth and could be for you if looking for a well constructed antenna project to fill your time. The radio ham who made this video doesn’t leave anything out and it might be an education (you have been warned!).

The Gumtree Dipole!

Couldn’t figure out what was going on in this video at the beginning and it took a minute or two to get up to speed. Even taking the antenna design out of the picture, this video deserves a watch just for the (shall we say) ‘busy’ look of this CB’ers comms hut.

Nothing says radio nut like being knee deep in wires and having more rigs than you could ever possibly use 🙂

Hope you enjoyed these and a big thanks to all those who keep putting out videos for all our various radio hobbies.

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