Where others like to hide the coil behind plastic, many browning CB antennas are designed to show off that essential part by bringing it away from the base and making it all shiny chrome. Not the most low key CB antennas out there but if your trying to make your vehicle stand out its a good start.

Browning BR-28 63- Inch CB Antenna

Quick Specs

Stainless Steel Whip (49 Inches)
Stainless Steel Shaft (6 Inches)
Frequency Coverage 25 to 30 MHz
Center Mounted Triple Chrome-Plated Copper Coil

Browning CB Antennas

BROWNING BR-28 63- Inch CB Antenna
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Mounting Options

If your comfortable with a CB antenna adding a couple of feet to the overall height of your vehicle then mounting it dead center on the roof is always an option, provided your the sort of person who’ll remember its there when navigating low clearances. For the rest of us something like a bumper mount or fixing just behind the cab on a pickup is probably a safer option.

Putting the BR 28 on a magnetic base is feasible if you just make sure its got a good strong magnet fitted. The design of the antenna will offer a bit more wind resistance than a base loaded whip and there’s nothing worse than seeing your CB antenna bouncing behind your vehicle as the road chews it up. Personally we would make an effort to get a solid mount done rather than rely on a magnet to perform over a long period of time.

There is an official Browning mirror mount kit available complete with everything you need and a multitude of third party hardware for fitted to other parts of your vehicle.

Steps to Take Before Installing

Vibration is a relentless beast that has all the time in the world to work it magic on bolts and mobile antennas are not spared. Because the Browning BR 28 isn’t a one piece antenna with bolts either side of the center coil we would recommended applying a touch of lock tight to make things that much more secure.

Take a look at how your going to get this antenna onto the vehicle and make sure you’ve got everything needed, this is even more important if going for a fixed mount. There’s nothing worse than messing with a vehicles body work then having to stop or (worse) fudge the antenna install.


If you like big bold antennas then the browning could be for you and there’s no doubt what’s attached to the other end. Currently cheaper than a K40 even with a proper mounting kit it could be a flash option if your in the market for a bargain.

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