To get good range from a CB radio when using it mobile it is essential to have the best mobile CB antenna for your vehicle. We have looked at 3 different types of mobile aerials and judged the benefits of each against value for money.

A good proportion of the mobile antennas available are of the magnetic mount type for easy and quick installation onto any vehicle, the first 2 antennas on this page are mag mounts and the last is a bolted mount which is going to take a bit longer to fit.

The first antenna is in the value end of the price range and retails at about $30.

Cobra HG A 1500 Base-Load Medium Magnet Mount 300W CB Antenna

cb aerial 1

Cobra HG A 1500
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The Cobra 1500 is a base loaded mobile whip with a total height of 38 inches making it a reasonably long mobile antenna.

Operating over a frequency range of 26-30 MHz makes it useful for CB and ham radio equipment while the mag mount fitting lets you remove it from your vehicle quickly and easily.

Able to handle 300 Watts of RF power ideal for those mobile users that have a linear amplifier added to their CB radio setup, if you are looking for a value CB antenna the 1500 is a good choice especially if you want to swap it between different vehicles.

One thing to remember when using a magnetic mount is to put a thin layer of materiel between aerial and roof to stop the antenna base marking your vehicle also lifting and cleaning under the mag mount every so often to stop any rusting.

WILSON 305-38 300-Watt Mag mount

cb aerial 2

Wilson 305-38
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In the same price range as the first antenna listed on this page is the Wilson 305-38 mag mount.

Total length of 37.5 inches with a large magnet to provide a solid fitting onto any vehicle.

A stated rating of 300watt makes this an ideal aerial for the mobile DX chaser. We like the look of the wide squat base on this antenna given it a solid appearance.

K40 K40A 57.25″ Base Load CB Antenna Kit with Stainless Steel Whip

cb aerial 3

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Now to what we consider a fine piece of CB technology, the K40 antenna has been around for a long time with many revisions over the years.

With a retail price of about $60 the K40 is at the higher price range for mobile CB aerials. In its natural form the K40 does mean you going to have to mess with the vehicles bodywork to install it, but there’s also a mag mount option designed specifiably for this antenna to make things quick and easy.

The mag mount leaves no trace of a CB aerial and the permanent fixture just leaves a low profile bolt fitted to the vehicle once the K40 is removed.

The 57 inches of stainless steel whip gives improved performance over shorter base loaded systems, any of the “true” length of an antenna that is coiled to maintain wavelength, will not function as well as having that length in a straight up configuration.

Designed to be durable and not buckle after a few knocks the K40 has a long enough SWR pole to get a good match to your radio.

We could go on but all we can say is the K40 has always served us well and we hope for many more years using this antenna.

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