Its amazing what a black hole of time a radio hobby (or two) can be, witnessed by the amount of hours I spent messing around today with online software defined radio feeds. Apart from checking out the HF bands as their received from around the world, I gave up a lot of my day to seeing how busy CB radio is in various countries in Europe.

The days been pretty quiet with Italy and Poland giving the most signals heard but as I’m well and truly on the night shift at the moment, I’ll be having another look around later on tonight.

Australia satellite map

Australian CB Radio

Australia has a very different system to the 27Mhz we’re used to with a radio network not unlike the 2m and 70cm amateur band allocations. Located around 476Mhz the CB radios make good use of a network of repeaters to extend the range.

Looking through the available online SDR receivers (or at least the ones I can find) there’s not one that covers this section of the UHF band in Australia. There are some websites that offer audio from a repeater or two but these can be hit and miss as far as reliability concerned.

The Australian CB network seems well used with most cars having a rig fitted and it would be great to get a snapshot of just how much traffic there is along with having a good listen to a few breakers.

If anybody knows of an online software defined receiver that covers their CB frequencies or if you have one planned, I’d love to know about it.

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