Started listening to 27Mhz from about 9am after taking a slow trawl through the HF bands to see if anything juicy was about. Going for the software defined radio option saves on endless spinning of the channel knob and without it I’d probably have missed most of the activity on 11 meters this morning.

11 meter icon

Its such a shame that things needed to be done away from the CB, meaning I had to go out for a good chunk of the day and missing what looked like a great day for DX. Did manage to quickly snag some audio before heading out though and it shows the nice range of locations that were flowing in my direction.

There were more than a few Charlie Tango members trying to contact the ‘Arctic Wolf’ and the other strong stations coming out of Europe.

Note: Not edited the audio at all because some of the signals fade in and out of the noise floor.

27.535 MHz Audio 29/8/2016

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