If you’ve been around playing around with radio for a while your most likely aware of Astatic CB microphones even if you’ve never owned or used one. One of the legacy producers of CB radio accessories, Astatic have many years experience when it comes to CB radio mics.

Along with all the echo and power mic versions Astatic produce they’ve also embraced the noise canceling technology that has worked its way into audio products in recent years. A world away from their early boxy design their mics now have a shape that fits naturally into the hand.

Stock mics have got much better when compared to models that were shipped with CB’s say 10 years ago but there’s still plenty of room for improvement by fitting a quality replacement.

Astatic 302-636L Black Noise Canceling CB Microphone

A classic all black look replacement CB radio microphone

Quick Specs

Tough Casing Design
Durable Steel Grille Screen
Neat Tight Coiled Cord

Astatic 302-636L Noise Canceling CB Microphone

Astatic 302-636L Noise Canceling CB Microphone
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Astatic 302-10001SE 4-Pin Noise Canceling CB Microphone

Something a bit different from Astatic with a fully chromed cord that does stop the stretching the coiled types experience over much time along with giving a greater protection against accidental damage.

Quick Specs

Astatic Special Anniversary Model
Silver and Chrome Finish
4-Pin Plug

Astatic 302-10001SE 4-Pin Noise Canceling CB Microphone

Astatic 302-10001SE 4-Pin Noise Canceling CB Microphone
Click Picture for Full Details, Customer Reviews and Pricing

Astatic have to be one of the most prolific makers of CB/Amateur accessories ever with a constant stream of new microphones being released. This can make choosing a mic a little long winded but does give plenty of plug type options and a huge amount always available in the secondhand market because so many have been made over time.

Buying any used electrical item has many risks and although CB microphones are not as complex as CB’s themselves there are still problems that can’t be identified just be looking at them.

Try to stick with dealers who have a good track history and are willing to take back items easily if there’s a problem. The better auction sites have robust feedback systems that usually help to spot the bad sellers straight away.

I find that buying from someone who is a radio enthusiast compared to a seller who’s just shipping product goes a long way to ensuring a much smoother purchase all round.

Check The Pin Out

Whenever buying a replacement mic make sure its got the right wiring and the right plug type fitted. Luckily there aren’t many different variations and changing things around is easy enough (if a little fiddly sometimes) provided you have a soldering iron, but its not nice when you can’t use a shiny piece of new CB radio kit straight out of the box.

Finding The Right Effect For Your Needs

We’ve all come across the wall of noise an over modulated CB radio signal can cause at some point but that doesn’t mean microphones like the echo and power types aren’t an effective tool in producing great audio on 27MHz.

Used properly and with enough time taken in the setting up part of adding a new mic they can bring a depth and clarity to a CB signal that allows it to be understood even when just above the noise floor.

How the audio from a new mic sounds to you may not be a snapshot of how it sounds to other CB radio users. Spend some time on air with a friend while adjusting the mic so you know its set to the right level.

When you get the chance try to get opinions from more CB’ers on how the audio sounds so you have a nice cross section of how comfortable people are with the level of audio your putting out.

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