Hello and welcome. My name is Carl, I live in the wonderful county of Worcestershire in the heart of the United Kingdom where I live with my beautiful wife and her daughter. My interest in CB radio stretches back 30 years to when I was introduced to the hobby by my uncle who was a fully paid up ham radio operator.

Those childhood brushes with transmitters set my career path giving me the incentive to study and qualify as a electronics engineer. Having worked in as many areas of the electronics industry as possible gave me a wide understanding of how things work.

I am now what most people call semi-retired but still find myself working on something everyday eitherĀ one of my own projects or helping a friend with a problem.

I believe CB radio is an underused resource and will always try to encourage others to take up the hobby while at the same time making myself available to help any newcomers get started. Many fully licensed amateur radio enthusiasts started out using CB so more awareness and more users is only going to benefit both hobbies.

I remember my first visit to a radio rally that my uncle was kind enough to take me to, a big warehouse with hundreds of stalls and trade stands all filled with radio equipment, huge aerial systems and a good deal of “stuff” that was a complete mystery to me at the time.

I hope you enjoy your visit to this site and if some information here helps to solve a problem for you then all the better.