CB radio history (in any country) has always fascinated me and there’s nothing better than finding a bunch of old CB magazines hanging about at a boot sale.

These are harder to come by as the years go by and makes me slightly regret the amount I gave away, but thanks to the ease of digitizing media onto the Internet, we have instant access to at least some of the past issues.

The folks over at CB Radio Magazine have a done a great job of taking full page images of the (now defunct) S9 CB Radio Publication and if you have any interest in the yesteryear of CB or vintage equipment its well worth going through the available editions.

Washington CB Radio Base Station

CB Radio, 1980’s Style!

Distinct Changes

Wrote in a time before advertising became more subtle, I love the way the adverts are very direct about the products they show. Packed with ‘evergreen’ articles on CB use, setup and mountains of vintage equipment images, it’ll take a fair time to plow through.

There also a junior S9 edition (link toward the bottom of the page) which is a great read in itself.

Also if you have any of the missing editions of S9 and are willing to offer them up to fill a gap, you could get in touch with the website owner and add to this historical CB radio resource.

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