Such is my normal busy week that I don’t get back to home base early enough in the day to see much activity on 27Mhz. Although today was different and after a quick rip through the 10 meter ham band, I recorded this short piece of audio on the nearby CB band.

The guy you can hear in the clip is from Lozd in Poland and considering this was received on something of a slapped together SDR setup, its not bad.

As expected its wasn’t long before the band became unstable and he disappeared below the noise floor. The band then turn around and I started to get a lot of bursts from more local stations for a short while before things (for me at least) went flat.

Its a stay at home and play with radios weekend this week because I need a break from all the hiking and camping. This will give me plenty of time to piece together some nice audio of CB DX and I,m going to try to snag a few of the rarer locations.

Also going to see if I can improve the antenna attached to this SDR kit without resorting to tying up on my main CB antenna.

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