They say nothing lasts forever and with most modern electronics having a lifespan measured on the fingers of one hand you’ve got to be grateful that decades old CB radios are still going strong.

That being said even their longevity is finite as I found this morning when powering up the workhorse that’s been my Binatone 5 Star rig. The thing lights up nicely, is good on receive but does absolutely nothing on transmit and as this rig has been used daily for years its no surprise its had a little breakdown.

Its a mixture of annoyance along with being a little gutted, I like to build electronic projects from scratch but digging around inside vintage CB’s has never been my thing.

binatone-5-star-cb small

A Very Sick Binatone 5 Star CB

Lacking The Usual Evidence

Most electronic components give off a really noticeable smell when the go pop, its a smell that anybody who’s ever had something fail on them will know so well. Being that this fault seems to be in the RF power amp section I’d be expecting that smell but only if a part fought all the way to the end, instead of quietly giving up.

In a way this lack of burning could very well be a good thing and mean its just a low cost/easy to source component failure.

Haven’t got the time to take a better look at the moment and (hopefully) get it fixed. For all the years of faithful service this rig has given I wouldn’t think twice about finding whatever parts are needed or buying a more battered version to cannibalize.

There’s a York 863 hanging about (somewhere) that will do for now until the 5 Star gets back on its feet.

Motivation to find the 863 is strong as the only other CB I can instantly lay my hands on is an Amstard 901, desperate times indeed 🙂

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One Response to A Binatone Legend Bites The Dust

  1. arthurphillips says:

    The only component in a CB or anyother rig that does not smell of burning is the power transistors, start at the end and work forewards for once, you will probably find they are o/c if nothing is burned.

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