Decided to take a break from camping this weekend as I’m in need of a rest. The multi day wild camping trips I’ve been enjoying recently do sometimes make me crave four walls and a proper bed, which must be a sure sign of getting old 🙂

Spending the weekend catching up on all this website stuff instead gave plenty of opportunity for listening to the radio, which is not so much second best to camping but just another great way to use my free time.

massive solar eruption

The Sun Throwing a Massive Party for DX

Although not transmitting much (difficult to write and talk at same time), the CB bands are always good to monitor while I’m furiously typing, so I’ve been lurking down on the SSB frequencies with the occasional scan around the FM side of 27Mhz.

Its good to see the 11 meter band starting to come to life as that long awaiting summer propagation takes a grip and (for me at least) it seems to be opening some consistent strong paths into Ireland around midday before these give way to the usual summertime ‘radio hash’ coming out of Europe.

CB Radio Audio Plans

I’ve been experimenting with recording audio off my own CB and from some of the better SDR feeds online that cover 27 MHz. The online audio comes out clear enough but still having issues with getting a decent sound from my own equipment?.

I’m using the same isolating transformer make up that all my recording from the shortwave bands is done with and its driving me a little crazy 🙂

Did plan to get a bunch of audio together this weekend to compile into a nice long montage, but I want to have a good section of it from my own rig, so this is yet another project that’s on the shelf due to ‘technical difficulties’.

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